5 Best Traditional Christmas Cakes

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5 Best Traditional Christmas Cakes

Traditional Christmas Cake

Festivals are meant to be incomplete without cakes. Christmas is celebrated as a festival of happiness all around the world. Traditional Christmas cakes make the Christmas Eve more sweet and classic. Every family has set their own traditions. So on Christmas, many people make cakes by keeping in view their traditions. Here we have mentioned some traditional cakes for Christmas:

Traditional Christmas Cake

 White snow Christmas cake: It is actually a fruit cake covered with white cream, white snow is considered as a symbol of December holidays and Christmas.

Chocolate cake with red ornaments: Base of cake is red but it is covered with dark chocolate. For giving it a colour of Christmas, it is decorated with red ornaments.

Christmas tree cake: It is basically a white cream or chocolate cake but it is decorated with an ornamental traditional Christmas tree, as Christmas tree is a powerful sign showing Christmas event.

Dense butter Christmas cake: This cake is a tradition of British people. It is baked 4-6 weeks before Christmas which gives cake a much better flavour. The blend of this cake contains too much butter, raisins, molasses, candied orange peels, cherries and dry fruits. After baking it covered with ice frosting.

Irish Christmas cake: The base of this cake contains dried nuts, spices, citrus peels, and molasses. Then it is covered with icing and finally served with frozen yogurt.

For making these traditional Christmas cakes, one must need experience and patience, in equal abundance. Your cake cutting ceremony will be more delightful by these Christmas cakes.

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