5 Outstanding &Topmost Simple Christmas Cake Ideas

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November 10, 2018
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5 Outstanding &Topmost Simple Christmas Cake Ideas

Simple Christmas Cake

As there are many preparations to do for Christmas. If you have less time for making Christmas dessert or cake, you will find help in making simple Christmas cake. Cake is a symbol to show happiness and sweetness of occasion.

So we are here to show you that how you can make your Christmas celebration complete with simple Christmas cakes.

Simple Christmas Cake

Below are some ideas of simple cakes:

Red berry jam cake: It is simply a cake centre-filled with jam. It is also covered with red berry jam. Its exceptionality is that it contains jam instead of cream or frosting.

Simple Cake with white frosting: It is a simple fruit cake covered with white butter cream and decorated with some edible Christmas ornaments like Christmas tree, hanging candies, Santa clause, etc.

Pancake with Christmas ornaments: simple banana pancake can also be decorated as a Christmas cake. Make banana pancakes and cover them with chocolate or butter cream. Then decorate it as u like.

 Red velvet fruit cake: simple fruit cake is covered with red velvet frosting. To give it a colour of Christmas, use white cream as it is colour of Santa’s beard.

Ice-cream Christmas cake: If you want to make something cold as a dessert on Christmas then you should definitely go with the ice-cream cake. It is a frozen dessert covered and decorated with some strawberries or other fruits and some dried fruits.

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