Unusual Christmas Gifts
Unusual Gifts for Christmas
November 19, 2018

DIY Christmas Greeting Cards Those Children Can Make Easily

DIY Christmas Greeting Cards

Children are the real angels. They get happiness even in very little things. They enjoy every event and occasion wholeheartedly. For Christmas, they always remain excited. They love to do all preparations by their own for this day. They select their dresses, wrap gifts for their friends, do outings with their parents and siblings and enjoy fests. They even help their mums in cleaning and decorating home.

DIY Christmas Greeting Cards

They also love to take part in baking sessions. They greet everyone with pure love without any regrets in their hearts. That’s the reason they always love to do something special for their love ones. For exchanging greetings, they purchase cards and even made hand-made cards. You can help them in finding great ideas.

Here I m going to discuss some DIY ideas for Christmas greeting cards:

First idea:

Take a colored chart paper and cut in a big rectangle shape according to the size that you need to make card. Fold the cut piece in to half so that it looks like an open able card. Use another chart of green colour and cut them in a tree shape in approximately 2-4 quantity and paste these trees on the card. Use some colorful buttons and paste them on trees to decorate them. Then you can give a boundary to the card by using any pen or marker and your card is ready.

Second idea:

Take a plain card of any colour and draw a shape of Christmas tree on the card by using pencil. Then take a needle and make holes along the tree boundary with a gap of half inch. Pass a thread in horizontal direction from these holes. You can woven some beads with thread. Your card is ready with simple and elegant design.

Third idea:

Take a card of green colored chart and draw a snowman on it by pencil. You can use some cotton to make the snowman white and fluffy as shown in image. Take a pen and draw eyes and nose of snowman. Give card a boundary by red paper or marker.


Help your children in making such Christmas cards and enhance their creativity.

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